It all started when I was born. My peculiar, independent, free and social character has not allowed me, and does not allow me, to live my life with any kind of limitation, restraint or resignation. My life has been and continues to be a happy life, with humble parents whose greatest dream throughout their lives has been, plain and simple, to enjoy every second with their family. This example of life has made me hold very strong values.


My grandparents on my mother's side were shepherds in a village of 300 inhabitants and my grandparents on my father's side were farm laborers. People of few words, honest, and whose word was more valid than a contract signed by the best law firm on the planet. My grandfather Julian lost an arm in the Spanish Civil War and my grandfather Eulogio never spoke of what happened at that stage of his life. I only remember the feeling of absolute protection I had when I was with them in their silence, in humble sardine dinners in those cold houses that only had a heater in the dining room, in which children ran up the stairs to beds that looked like they were wet from the humidity and where we were rushed with a hot bottle of water. We never lacked affection or a reference of who we were and what was the right way to behave with our loved ones and the rest of the neighbors in the village.


That discipline or feeling by which any elder had the right to correct you in the street and you simply accepted and respected it because it came from an older person.




All of this happened barely 40 years ago in my life and I stil keep it in my mind every day.

My sadness comes when all my memories have been simplified to vague recollections of certain moments. I find it hard to put a face to my grandparents and, even more, to the rest of the neighbors of the village and my town of whom, although I keep some memories, I do not keep any photographs.

Now, having the people we have lost so quickly to the virus in my mind, my heart grieves. This feeling has inspired me not to allow that the loss of these people, and of those I have lost throughout my life, to be forgotten and not to have a place where we can go to refresh the loving and affectionate memories of those who have shared a little, or a lot, of our life's journey.

For this reason, with my own selfishness, I have created www.LiveCobo.com, in order to have at hand, at any time, a place that allows me to have access to my lost companions in life, to whom I keep a place in my heart.

I have given this name to my project www.LiveCobo.com for two reasons. Firstly, because I want to create a place of enthusiasm, passion, positivism, kindness, humility, respect for myself and for my fellow human beings; a way of approaching my personal life (Live) that I pass on to my children every day. Secondly, Cobo, my first surname, inherited from my father, my grandfather, my great-grandfather, my great-great-grandfather... and which I will leave to my children. They will inherit my surname, my enthusiasm reflected in www.LiveCobo.com and will be responsible for leaving it to their descendants so that they, in turn, leave it to their own.

What a beautiful gift and what a great inspiration to carry on in times of weakness and responsibility to continue this legacy of mine and every member who belongs to it!

I hope YOU feel a little bit identified with me in some of your feelings of nostalgia for those who are not present in your life now. Be calm, life goes by quickly and we all have to leave and miss other people. Leave them a memory written by you so that with your words they can identify you, remember you and keep you in mind. Tell them who you were, what adventures you had, what inspired you, your friends, your loved ones, your passions.... tell them, in short, who you were. Maybe one day some great-grandchild, relative or friend will want to remember your flaws and virtues by seeing you and making you present.

Please don't take that moment away from them. Every one of us is more important than we realize in the lives of the people with whom we share our journey with.

That is why I invite you to do all these actions on www.LiveCobo.com and share this enthusiasm with me.

I would like to thank all the people who have supported me in this project and have contributed to the success of this dream.